We understand the North… We build the North.


#2004 Laurentide                                      38’x28’(1064 sq.ft.)

This dream house / cottage model is called LAURENTIDE

It has been specially designed to allow for a breathtaking view on any scenic landscape or lakeview.

Additionally, the cathedral ceiling along with the A-frame windows in the living room will let natural daylight in, and make for a grandiose effect.

Your morning coffee will, no doubt, taste a lot better.


Included :


- 2 bedrooms

- bathroom with shower

- large kitchen with pantry

- exceptionnal R-values with R-62, R-79 for atitc, and R-39,6 for walls.


And much more


Maison Nordique also offers the possibility for special projects with custom plans made according to personal requirements.
With no hidden cost and our regional service.


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