We understand the North… We build the North.


  1. Meet with a Maison Nordique representative. You tell him about your project and he in turn will explain in detail all the steps involved.
  2. Choose your model of home and the interior layout.
  3. Our manufacturing specialists establish the cost of your project.
  4. Apply for a mortgage loan at your financial institution.
  5. Customize the exterior and interior of your residence: choice of colours for outside siding, choice of cupboards, etc.
  6. We present you with a plan that has been modified by our architectural technicians according to your choices.
  7. Obtain the necessary permits from the various relevant authorities.
  8. Have your foundation laid or ground prepared while we build your home in our factory.
  9. Make all your home decor purchases.
  10. We deliver and install your home.
  11. Finish decorating the interior.
  12. You move in!


Site preparation to receive home

The necessary dimensions of the building site

For the purpose of providing the necessary space and helping to align the truck to the foundation, please allow access to the field and its surroundings. The truck will have to be moved backward in front of the foundation; therefore, a minimum of 25’ is required from the front of the field to the corners of the foundation. The width shall be a minimum of 15’ to 20’ from the corners of the foundation to the entry side of the field; but only a minimum of 5 feet wide is required on the opposite side. If the construction site is away from the road, in order to make it easier for the truck to properly line up for the foundation, entry should be 25’ to 30' wide minimum. When the truck is aligned, its distance from the house will be 4’ from the foundation.

Field near the road

Field far from the road

Truck will be 4’ from the foundation


The foundation must be 4’ high above the ground.



So that the ground is ready for the weight of the truck, the soil must be compacted with gravel 0” - 2.5” Do not use sand or clay. Put good material compaction. Check with the contractor for the foundation.


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