Everyone, whether they live in the city or country, has many expectations when it comes to their home. All of these needs reflect one desire: we want a home environment we feel good in. This is precisely what a Blizzard-certified Maison Nordique home promises.

BLIZZARD CERTIFICATION guarantees that when you choose a Maison Nordique home, you are getting a home whose components surpass industry standards in terms of quality: ENERGY STAR®-certified windows, R-39 wall insulation, R-56 ceiling insulation, thermal caulking at exterior wall and floor junctions, and much more.


By opting for a prefabricated home, you opt for quality and additional peace of mind.


Your home is built in optimal conditions:

  • Materials are not adversely affected by the cold, rain, etc.
  • Bad weather never slows down the pace of work.
  • Factory building allows components to be assembled with greater precision.


Your home is built according to your tastes. It will also mean much less stress:

  • You enjoy a home that’s truly made-to-measure: you choose the model, the interior layout and all the options available to you.
  • You can count on a timely delivery that respects a precise schedule.
  • There is no overrun in costs: the price of your home is the price agreed upon in the contract.

All information contained in this website is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice by Maison Nordique Inc.


Choisir de vivre dans une Maison Nordique, c’est opter pour la différence, celle qui fait toute la différence.

Nos constructions se distinguent de quatre façons :

  • par la qualité même de la construction : matériaux et assemblage
  • par une certification exclusive (certification Blizzard)
  • par la personnalisation et la qualité du service
  • par leur aspect durable





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