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There are different aspects related to the warranty.
Some protections are applicable before delivery and some are for after.
Here are details for the part of your warranty that applies to after delivery :

1 year waranty for defects :
For repairs on existing manufacturing defects not apparent at delivery, when reported within a reasonable time.

3 years waranty for hidden defect :
For repairs on hidden defect when reported within a reasonable time
A hidden defect is an important construction fault that is not apparent and dates back to before delivery, for which the customer was not aware.

5 year waranty for design defect or construction fault :
Valid for 5 years after installation for repairs on design defect or construction fault, when
reported within a reasonable time.
A design defect or a construction fault is a important defect, wether it is apparent or not at the time of delivery and which affects the construction’s integrity or is a cause for serious problems.

A defects can be described as any poor workmanship not up to applicable norms for which you can find a description in related documents. Contrary to design defect or construction fault, the defect is a minor problem. If apparent, they need to be reported in the document provided for this purpose and that the customer needs to complete at the time of delivery.

Should the home be sold whitin the waranty period, the existing waranty is transferable to the new owner under the same terms and conditions.

Warranty does not apply on a home or any building if it is not delivered within 24 months after construction is completed.



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