Existing houses for sale

You are looking for housing or want to change residence and you’d like to move in tomorrow? Or there’s no rush but you’d prefer a turnkey approach?

We’ve got the solution: your Maison Nordique home!

Our well situated, move-in-ready homes are waiting for you. The structures are new, have never been lived in and represent a selection of our most popular models. The majority of the work is already done. Only a few days are needed to finish up and add a personal touch to make it truly yours.

The solution
when time is short

1088 - Dalila - 30' X 40'

1031, Route 111 Est, Amos, QC Model house ***ready to deliver***

1008 - Urbania - 32' X 50'

253, Rue des Cormorans, Val-D'or (Sullivan), QC

1010 - Limoges - 32' X 60'

1 - 11, Rue Germain, Amos, QC

1011 - Limoges - 32' X 60'

31, Rue Germain, Amos, QC